Workstation Assessments

Work related musculoskeletal disorders (including back pain, neck pain and upper limb pain/symptoms) affect more than 1 million workers at a cost of £5 billion (lost revenue and cost of treatment).

No, it is not normal to be experiencing back or neck pain; pins and needles in your hands; shoulder or arm symptoms as a result of your work or working environment. Many companies these days offer either an online ergonomic self-check or a workstation assessment completed by a representative from Human Resources with no medical training.

Workstation assessments should not just be about following ergonomic guidelines regarding ideal measurements; that is only the start! Our assessments are performed by a qualified Physiotherapist specially trained in ergonomics and follow the DSE guidelines, whilst keeping things individualised for you and your tasks. Any on the spot adjustments will be made at the time of assessment and a follow up report of your current set-up and suggested recommendations will be provided.

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