Having the dancers screened by Nicki as soon as their contract starts is extremely useful for both the dancers and the company.  After the assessments, the dancers are each given personal core strengthening exercises as well as exercises to strengthen any possible weak areas that they might have. Since we have had Nicki working with the company, the amount of injuries have decreased dramatically.

I have long-term back problems which can flare up at times to be more acute. Nicki has been treating me for a number of years and has been so successful that I would not consider another physiotherapist now. I have found her knowledge, experience and her communication skills to be excellent and I absolutely trust her judgement. She is skilled and confident enough to know when treating with manipulation is required in a session and, conversely, when to just treat with exercises instead which I then continue at home. She inspires complete confidence through these qualities but also through her honesty. I have become empowered by these and this has also helped my back to heal, presumably as much of the tension I feel is translated physically, and this has enabled me to deal emotionally with a chronic condition.  I cannot recommend her highly enough


I highly recommend Nicki de Leon as a Physiotherapist. I saw her after a shoulder stabilisation and she really helped with the recovery process and got my shoulder not only moving again but probably stronger than it was before my surgery. Nicki has a friendly but professional approach and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough

I have used Nicki for nearly 3 years for various injuries and have always found her very friendly and totally professional. I suffered a dislocated shoulder in 2010 and following surgery, the treatment and advice I received from Nicki was excellent to the extent that my shoulder made a 100% recovery.

Nicki also successfully helped me get back to playing football after 6 months out with torn ligaments in both ankles. She always assessed and explained the problem well, kept the exercises simple and easy to repeat and stopped seeing me once the issue was resolved without it dragging on and on.

Over the years I’ve met many physios and Nicki is among the very best.  She is friendly, thorough, attentive and takes the time to really listen to the issues at hand.  Like the best, she is committed to relieving pain and getting you back to full health