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The end result of successful physiotherapy treatment should be a pain-free patient. How this is achieved and how long-term the results are, is very much dependent on the overall physiotherapeutic management of your condition or injury.

Whether you are an elite level athlete or dancer, a sedentary office worker, a run-ragged mum or somewhere in between – here at de Leon Physio your management will always be individualised and a multi-faceted approach. Ultimately, our goal is to promote healing of the injury and then help you change the way you use your body, reducing the stress on overloaded structures that can result in pain. This is the key to preventing recurrence.

In addition to first class manual therapy to offload the injury, de Leon Physio will provide you with the tools necessary (knowledge, control, flexibility and strength) to move/exercise in ways that create optimal loading and efficient, pain free movement.

Through a combination of pain relief treatment, offloading the pathology, developing more efficient biomechanics and strengthening and/or improving flexibility, we can guide your own healing process as you develop a healthier, more active body. Instead of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) we believe in FBT (functional behavioural therapy) – learning how to move and function properly. The greatest success occurs when you are an active participant in your treatment program and commit to do your part in the process.


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