How to become a New Patient

Scheduling an appointment

All appointments can be scheduled by phone or by email (please see ‘contact us’ page). Please allow up to 60 minutes for your initial consultation which will include both assessment and treatment. Please bring any private health insurance details with you to this first visit if you do not wish to be invoiced directly for Physiotherapy treatment.

Initial Consultation

Your first appointment will be between 45 and 60 minutes and will include both a thorough assessment and treatment. Please be prepared to answer some in depth questions regarding your condition, as this subjective part of the assessment will drive the physical examination.

As the examination continues the Physiotherapist will be able to identify the structures at fault and the underlying cause of the problem. This will be explained clearly to you and any questions regarding the findings will be happily answered. Using the examination findings, your Physiotherapist will then formulate a treatment plan and begin the required manual therapy at this first visit. You may also be instructed through some exercises to do at home that will enhance the manual therapy and your recovery.

Subsequent Treatment Sessions

Your next session after the assessment should ideally be scheduled within the next few days (depending on the condition in question). With the odd exception, subsequent treatments are generally either 30 or 45 minutes long to enable the Physiotherapist to deliver first class manual therapy to alleviate the symptoms as well as being able to spend sufficient time on your rehabilitation exercises. It is sometimes necessary for treatment sessions to focus entirely on either the manual therapy or the rehabilitation if the condition is complex and warrants it.

Clinic Hours

We are able to offer Physiotherapy treatments every day of the week and at the beginning or end of the working day (subject to availability). Every effort will be made to accommodate the patient.

Parking and Arrival

We are located in Maccabi’s Rowley Lane Sports Ground where there is a large onsite car park for patients to use. If the main gate is closed please ring for attention and we will let you in. We are located in the main club house at the front of the building.

What to wear or bring

Bearing in mind that Physiotherapy assessment and treatment will involve easy access to the body part in question, please dress modestly and in suitable clothing. Injuries to the lower extremities will require you to wear shorts and women attending with any upper body complaint should wear or bring a vest top.
If you have a sports injury involving the lower limbs or pelvis area, please bring your sports footwear with you for examination."

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