Injury prevention screening is an assessment designed to highlight potential musculoskeletal problems before they happen! Always tailor-made to the individual and their specific sport or activity requirements. The focus is on optimum biomechanics and highlighting any deviations away from the norm, that could potentially result in injury or sub-optimal performance.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or just embarking on a new fitness regime, who wouldn’t like to identify potential problem areas and rectify them before injuries occur.


Who wants to have time off for injuries that could have been avoided?

Having the dancers screened by Nicki as soon as their contract starts is extremely useful for both the dancers and the company.  After the assessments, the dancers are each given personal core strengthening exercises as well as exercises to strengthen any possible weak areas that they might have. Since we have had Nicki working with the company, the amount of injuries have decreased dramatically.

Odette Hughes – Wayne McGreggor|Random Dance