Covid 19 update

Covid 19 update

We are delighted to be reopening our Physio Rehab clinic in Rowley Lane and to be able to offer face to face Physio and Rehab appointments plus 1:1 Pilates sessions in the clinic. We will also still be offering virtual sessions for those patients who do not need or want to come in.

We’ve spent a lot of time making changes to ensure we open a COVID-19 safe environment for our patients and staff. We want you to feel comfortable coming in and for our staff to feel that they are still able to deliver the same high quality of Physio whilst taking all precautions.

Before your appointment

When calling to book an appointment you will be given the option of an in clinic face to face appointment or a Virtual session. We will be asking several questions at this point to ascertain whether it is appropriate for you to come in otherwise you will be guided towards a virtual session. Prior to your appointment you will be sent the usual appointment reminder, which will also now contain some key information.

On the day of your appointment

Should you have developed any symptoms of COVID-19 since time of booking, or anyone in your family has, you are obliged to inform the clinic and accept that your session will revert to being virtual.

Although the toilets will be open to enable hand washing, please do not rely on using the actual toilets. Always best to go at home before you come in! We will no longer be able to provide water, so please bring in your own. All patients should arrive at the clinic on their own, unless chaperoning a child for their appointment. Please note no babies/ children to accompany adults, due to infection control.

Entering the clinic We ask that if you arrive early, that you wait in your car until a couple of minutes before your appointment.
Once entering the building you must sanitise your hands using the handsfree sanitiser on the wall in the entrance before putting on a pair of gloves and mask. PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE THESE WITH YOU BEFORE LEAVING THE HOUSE.

Your Physio Session The session then takes place as normal in a treatment room/or gym.
Your Physio will also be wearing PPE.
All rooms are cleaned between appointments, and all fabric surfaces have been removed. The treatment couch and Pilates reformer will be sprayed and wiped with disinfectant between every patient.

Leaving the clinic

We ask that you take your PPE with you and dispose of it outside the clinic.

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